Apartment with furniture
and home appliances

Fully equipped apartment including furniture, appliances, plumbing, dishes, curtains, bedding and a bottle of good Georgian wine.

Furnished Apartments

Fully renovated living area,
including finishing, fittings and doors.


White frame (with finish)

“White frame” is a condition of the apartment with the walls built, laid electrical wires, pipes, water, sewerage, heating, made plaster and screed.

Black frame (without finishing)

Most developers sell apartments in a “Black Frame” condition and the starting prices of apartments are usually announced based on it. Black frame is a flat with bare walls (frame) with no interior partitions, no ties, electricity, plumbing, plaster. By purchasing a black frame you get the walls, Windows, doors.


Good to know

Furniture and appliances can be purchased with our help from catalogues or in stores as well as by your own. We do not offer apartments in a “black frame” condition, as we take care of your peace and relax. We do not want your vacation to be disturbed by the sounds of a hammer from the neighboring apartment. Due to the large volume of purchased materials and work performed, repair prices for you will be much lower than those of third-party contractors. Your peace of mind is our concern.


Price policy

Apartments are sold only in “White Frame” condition. No “Black Frame” option will be offered. The prices are provided in a black and white frame condition just for comparison purposes. Price difference between black and white frame is $60. The cost of further finishing works is determined by the catalogue and will depend on the selected materials. We will provide both standard offers for 150-200$ per sq.m., as well as individual solutions with high selection of materials from the catalogue and professional designer services for the development of an individual project.

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